Environmentally friendly mold remediation

Sadly, for many companies the rationality of mold remediation has succumb to a chemical manufacturers sales pitch, the profit over principle contractor and the clever abuse of absent standards. When I meet with a client I Represent the industry with integrity. I believe it to be the duty of a remediation professional to properly educate the client as to cause, extent, protocol and preventative maintenance. I Represent the road less traveled when I explain that the process of cleaning determines efficacy, not the chemical used. I Represent a basic truth that the chemicals and processes proposed by some competitors are more harmful than mold itself. I Represent the environment when I use environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

My Remediation projects are controlled by containment and critical cleaning. The demolition in-between is just a matter of protected diss-assembly. I stage equipment and erect containment’s that control make-up air in relation to entry/egress and demolition. The critical cleaning phase of Remediation is tedious yet safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive. I do not expose myself, my family nor my workers to harmful chemicals.

We are not “killing” mold, we are Recycling it. Upon demolition, salvageable yet unwanted materials such as water damaged doors, cabinets and wood are cleaned and donated to our local Habitat for Humanity.Upon clearance the containment walls and zippers are cleaned, taken down and rolled up. I have Reused containment zippers and plastic several times, saved my client the cost of new materials and left a little less trash for our future generations to deal with.

I am a strong believer in common sense. If it is logical to proceed with chemicals, waste and deception than I am truly outnumbered. I provide environmentally friendly mold remediation, does your contractor?