Hello, my name is Joe Ellenson (Owner) and I would like to give you a brief history on how I became known as the “mold guy”. In 1997, I had finished my journeyman contractor training in San Diego, and as luck would have it, shortly thereafter I was injured while working on a construction site. As a result of the injury, I was introduced to the world of water damage restoration and mold remediation. Finding that I truly enjoyed this industry, I decided to work for a local restoration company. In 1998, the EPA had not yet established mold remediation guidelines, so our industry adopted the general practices of Asbestos abatement.

At that time, the common practice was to seal off the area, tear out the affected materials and spray everything with bleach. Looking back, I now realize how foolish and dangerous that was. Eventually, training courses were introduced to our industry of which I attended. In 1999, I opened one of the first mold remediation and testing companies in San Diego (Mold Pros). Continued involvement in mold testing/remediation classes, college studies in hazardous waste management/industrial hygiene, and active participation in all available mold remediation/testing seminars insured our success. We soon became the best mold remediation and testing company in San Diego with a client list that ranged from studio apartments to government buildings.

scan0002Eventually, life decided to throw me a couple curve balls, the most damaging of which was the loss of my brother. In 2007, I decided to sell the business, travel and let time heal. I traveled to and explored 14 countries that year. Before returning to San Diego, I wanted to experience the beauty of Portland, Oregon. Once settled in Oregon, I opened a restoration company called Proactive. After several successful years of ownership, my wife and I decided that it would be best to raise our children near our family back in sunny San Diego. We sold Proactive to our employees and moved back with much hope for our future. Opening Restoration Professionals was a natural choice for us. I am delighted to say that I am a proud family man who takes great pride in his work.